Vertical Automatic grain packaging machine

KL-160A grain packing machine Nuts packing machine for cashew nuts, almonds. brazil nuts, peanuts, chestnuts, bulk nuts, hazelnuts, Pistachio Nuts, walnuts, sunflowers, cacao ect pouch bag packaging. Welcome to inquired~ (a) Nuts packing machine Tech data (b) Nuts packing 



(a)Grain packing machine Specification

Type KL-160A
Film width   Max. 320mm
Film thickness 0.05-0.08mm
Bag length 30-200mm
Bag width 50-150mm
Measuring range 50-500ml
Film roll diameter NAX.300mm
Packaging rate 30-100bag/min
Power 220V 50Hz 2kw
Machine weight 350kg
Packing film




(b) grain packing machine Feature

1. this machine is featured with compact structure, stable, easy operate, convenient on repairing.

2. this machine adopts photocell control system, visual and understandable, accurate positioning, nice looking.

3. this machine can finish automatically all processes, from measuring, filling, bag making, date-printing and finished productions conveyance.


(c) grain packing machine Optional Parts

1.SCM and step motor controller 

2.Electromagnetic on-off control 

3.Linked bags control device  

4.Date printer with ribbon coder 

5.Out let and feeding conveyor

6.EURO handing hole.

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