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Automatic Small Powder Packaging Machine

Automatic Small Powder Sealing Filling Machine ,Automatic Small Milk Powder Packaging Machine,automatic powder packing machine for milk powder




Automatic Small Powder Packaging Machine Features:


1. Bag-making , measuring, filling, sealing, cutting, and counting are all finished automatically.


2. Either under set length control photo-electronic color tracing, we set bag length and cut in one step.


Time and film saving.


3. The temperate is under independent PID control, more suitable for different materials.


4. Optional device: Ribbon printer, gas flushing device, air expeller device, hole punch device, rotate


cutter, tear north device, knocking device on bag former, batch cutter.


5. The driving system is simple and reliable, and maintenance is easy.



 Automatic Small Powder Packaging Machine Specification:


Model No.:




Measuring scope


packing accuracy

< +1%

Bag size


Sealing type

3 or 4 side sealing

Totall power


Packing materials

paper/,Polyester/aluminum foil/,nylon/polyethylene,opp film rpaper,etc.


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