Full Automatic Single Toilet Roll Packing Machine

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 Full Automatic single toilet roll paper packing machine

1)Different from the degree of intelligence, the toilet roll paper packaging machine is divided into two types: fully automatic and semi-automatic. They are packaged in roll film bags. Automation refers to the use of machines for connection, no manual intervention is required, and semi-automatic models require manual paper loading. The packaging effect and principle are the same.


single toilet roll packing machine  Specification:


Packaging film width:Max.450 mm

Bag width:60-210 mm

Paper towel height:Max.130 mm

Packing speed:60-150 packs / minuteMachine

 voltage :220 Vpower2.6 KW 50/60 HZ

Machine size:(L)4020*(W)820*(H)1450 mm

weight:800 KG


single toilet roll packing machine Optional device

(1) Automatic coding machine

(2) Automatic punching machine

(3) edge ironing machine

single toilet roll packing machine  sample:

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