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Kitchen paper towel packaging machine

Kitchen paper packaging machine, kitchen towel packaging machine  automatic kitchen paper packaging machine, can pack 2, 4 rolls;



I. main configuration:

Mainly using imported electrical components, Japanese panasonic frequency converter, omron PLC, packaging machine main body using 12 thick steel plate welding, stainless steel work table, with mechanical and photoelectric anti-cutting function. 

. Product features

● programmable controller (PLC) control, reduce mechanical contact, system failure rate is low, more stable and reliable operation; 

● frequency conversion speed regulation, change the packaging speed only need to rotate the potentiometer knob connected with the frequency converter; 

● the main box is welded with 12mm thick steel plate, and the heat treatment after welding eliminates the internal stress.High speed running does not shake, the box never deformation, the life of the machine can reach ten years; 

● the machine adopts toothed chain CVT, the length of packing bag can be changed by rotating the handle. 

● digital display function, can directly display the bag length, packaging speed, sealing temperature, output and so on; 

● bidirectional photoelectric tracking system can ensure that the film is cut off at the required position, accurate point of tangency; 

● automatic positioning stop function, can ensure the stop does not burn film,

● the leakage protection switch installed in the machine can ensure the safety of people and machines.

● the front of sealing knife is equipped with emergency stop switch and shield, which can prevent operators from hurting their hands in the wrong operation; 


Mechanical data:

Packaging capacity: 10-60 packs/min (determined according to packaging film material, thickness and packaging specification)

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